No Credit Check Debt Consolidation Loans: Avoid More Trouble

No credit check debt consolidation is a type of loan that is offered as an option for those who don't have great credit. Before you decide on this type of loan, it is essential you understand what you are getting into so you don't find yourself in worse financial trouble than you were in before.

Understanding Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation can seem complicated, but in reality it is actually a very simple idea. Essentially, debt consolidation involves:

  • Borrowing money through a loan
  • Using the proceeds from the new loan that you are taking to pay off debts you currently have

Because debt consolidation just involves taking a new loan, you can really get that debt consolidation loan from anywhere. Some common examples of places to get a debt consolidation loan include:

  • Opting in to a balance transfer offer that is made by a credit card company. These often have a low promotional rate- such as 0 percent for a year- and you pay a small fee (usually around 3-5 percent) to transfer money onto the new card
  • Taking a personal loan from a credit union, bank or other lender
  • Taking out a second mortgage or home equity loan on your house and using the proceeds from this loan to pay off higher interest debt

The whole purpose of these types of loans is to get better terms than you had originally. For example, paying off high interest credit card debt with a low interest loan just makes financial sense.

However, if the new loan you take is worse than the loans you had, then you haven't really improved your financial situation- you've just moved debt around and potentially put yourself in a situation where it will cost you more and be harder to pay off your debt. These no credit check debt consolidation loans often are worse- sometimes much worse- than the loans you had. They may have high interest rates, or they may have hidden fees and costs that you aren't even aware of when you sign up for the loan.

Getting Help

Before you take a debt consolidation loan, it is a good idea to speak with an experienced attorney. Your lawyer can explain to you what options you have for finding a good debt consolidation loan that will make your financial situation better rather than worse. He can also review the terms of any loan you are considering taking out to make sure that all terms and conditions of the new loan are fair and that you won't face any unpleasant surprises.

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