Using Debt Consolidation to Lower Interest Rate

Debt consolidation can, in some cases, help individuals to cut down on the interest rate on credit card debt or other loans. Consolidating debt means that the borrower secures one new loan. The funds from that loan are used to pay off the other debts. In return, the individual has a new loan to work to repay. Still, there are numerous reasons to take into consideration both the good and the bad about this type of scenario.

Lowering Interest Rates Through Loans

In some situations, debt consolidation can allow an individual to have the ability to repay his or her debt faster and at a lower cost. However, not all debt consolidation loans fit this scenario. Individuals need to look at each loan and compare the options available carefully. In many situations, getting quotes for more than one loan is necessary.

Keep the following in mind when looking for debt consolidation loans to lower interest rates.

  • Determine the highest interest rate and lowest interest rate on the current debts owed. Individuals need to know what the average interest rate is to ensure that any debt consolidation loan obtained has a lower interest rate than at least the average.
  • Apply for debt consolidation loans that do have lower interest rates. Compare the rates offered for both secured and unsecured loans before applying.
  • Those who have a good credit score or better are most likely to qualify for a lower interest rate on the debt consolidation. Therefore, ensure your credit is in as good of a position as is possible before applying.

Take into consideration all factors with the loan. A longer term may allow for a lower monthly payment but may allow more time for interest to compound, making this type of loan more expensive.

In addition, some individuals will find that debt consolidation loans are not available to them. In this situation, consider using credit counseling services. While not actually loans, the consolidation process does wrap numerous loans into one monthly payment, though you will still owe each lender individually. In some situations, these counselors are able to reduce the interest rate on the debt owed. However, this can hurt credit scores.

Hire an Attorney

Debt consolidation can be difficult and confusing. It may not work for everyone. When facing debt settlement, negotiations or even bankruptcy, an attorney is one of the best resources for advice and guidance. An attorney can also represent individuals in numerous legal matters surrounding the debt.

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