Can Debt Mediators Help You?

There are a number of people who struggle with debt and would like to know if it is possible to trust debt mediators to help resolve it. When you go to a skilled debt mediator for help with your debt, this can make quite a difference to your financial situation. Yes there are debt mediators that operate in a fraudulent manner, but it is best to investigate a debt mediation company before choosing the wrong one. 

Debt Mediation

Debt mediation is a type of service offered by companies or individuals to anyone who has found his or herself in debt and need a debt mediator to act as the go-between. Debt mediators will negotiate with the debt lender to either increase the length of time to repay the loan, reduce the interest rates, or find other ways to lower your payments. In some situations, a debt mediator might be able to consolidate all of your loans into a more affordable repayment program.  These are the tasks of a true debt mediation company.

Types of Debt Mediators

The first type of debt mediation that can help you is completed by a charity or not for profit company. There are hardly any fees charged and many of the charity debt mediation companies will provide free advice to anyone struggling with debt. 

The second type of debt mediation that can help you is from private companies. These companies will charge a fee to mediate between you and the lender. The fees can range in comparison to the amount of debt owed or the fee can be taken out before sending the monthly repayments to the lender.

In either situation, unscrupulous debt mediators may exist, especially if the company is charging a hefty fee to help get you out of debt.

How to Choose

Debt mediators whether non-profit or private companies should work between you and the lender to improve the situation concerning your debt. Look for a reputable and recommended mediator, with a proven record of handling debt and negotiating with financial lenders. If all the debt mediator tries to do is convince you to only extend the term of the loan, keep in mind that this can increase the amount of debt you pay back, even if your monthly repayments are lowered.

Getting Legal Help

If you would like more information about using a debt mediator, then consult legal help. A skilled attorney will be able to guide you through the debt mediation process and clarify if debt mediation is right for you. 


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