How to Handle a Dodeka Lawsuit Notice

Dodeka, otherwise known as Dodeka, LLC, is a debt collection company operating nationwide attempting to collect on bad debt accounts owed by a number of consumers from various lenders, mostly multinational banks, such as Chase and Citigroup. In a limited number of instances, Dodeka has collaborated with several law firms in several different states across the U.S., including Washington, Texas, Florida, and others, to take legal action to collect on various bad debt accounts held by the company. In essence, Dodeka LLC, through a number of different law firms, has taken legal action against debtors. This process, following limited correspondence from the company via mail typically, is initiated by a lawsuit notice from a given law firm acting on behalf of Dodeka. In practice, the objective of Dodeka involves purchasing bad debt accounts from original or subsequent creditors, and in turn, making attempts to settle the account or take legal action to obtain a judgment against the debtor. This last piece, involving civil action to obtain a judgment against a debtor, is when the Dodeka lawsuit notices will begin appearing.

How to Respond to a Dodeka Lawsuit Notice

In reality, the response to a Dodeka lawsuit notice will greatly vary from state to state, and more importantly, from debtor to debtor. The only universal piece of advice applicable to these situations is that a debtor should not fail to take any action. In essence, inaction is the worst possible method of handling a lawsuit notice from Dodeka and affiliate law firms.

As a debtor, the most reliable and effective method of addressing a lawsuit notice from Dodeka is through consulting with a debt collection attorney or lawyer in your area. The reality of debt collection methods, civil claims seeking judgments, and other bad debt cases is that state laws widely vary, the circumstances of each debtor’s debts will greatly influence the best response to a lawsuit notice, and finally, any attempts to settle or litigate with Dodeka will likely result in these statements or actions being used as evidence against a debtor in a civil case seeking judgment.

Getting Legal Help with Dodeka Lawsuit Notice

In practice, a competent debt collections lawyer will be able to employ a number of methods to stave off default judgment in a bad debt collection case, and in turn, can most likely set in motion some form of favorable resolution for the individual debtor. However, all of these outcomes rely on the debtor contacting legal counsel immediately following receipt of a Dodeka lawsuit notice.

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