Stopping Wage Garnishment in Georgia

One of the harshest weapons in a debt collector's arsenal is the use of wage garnishment. People who are struggling to pay their bills often ignore repeated notices from creditors. After several months have passed without payment, credit card companies can sell the debt to a collection agency. These folks are ruthless and they will pursue you until they get their pound of flesh. The quickest way to stop wage garnishment is to pay off the debt. If this is not an option, you can either appeal it or file a hardship claim.

Options to Stop Georgia Wage Garnishment

Although it may be difficult to stop wage garnishment, there are several options allowed in the State of Georgia that include:

  • File An Appeal—The garnishment paperwork comes with instructions on how the employee can file an appeal. For example, for an IRS levy, file your appeal directly with the IRS office that is listed on the notice.
  • Hardship Petition—File a hardship petition with the court that ordered the garnishment. Let's say that you owe back taxes to the State. Contact the Georgia Department of Revenue and ask about their procedures regarding filing a hardship claim.
  • Bankruptcy Protection—Once a consumer files a bankruptcy petition, the federal court will issue an automatic stay. This legally prohibits creditors from taking any action against you. This will stop wage garnishment and also stops harassing phone calls. Keep in mind that judgments for child or spousal support cannot be discharged. Student loan debts cannot be written off either unless you can prove that it creates an undue financial hardship.

Contact a Georgia Debt Relief Lawyer

Creditors can take up to 25 percent of your disposable income. In addition to wage garnishment, they can come after the money in your checking and saving accounts. If you have received a notice about a pending garnishment, contact a Georgia attorney immediately. Legal action is always easier to prevent once you have an experienced lawyer on your side.

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